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Côte chalonnaise

Our wine selection of the côte chalonnaise

The category "Côte Chalonnaise wines" includes bottles under the controlled label of origin "Côte Chalonnaise". This AOC, is a regional appellation of Burgundy. It covers 44 communes distributed over the regions of Buxy, Chagny, Givry and Mont-Saint-Vincent. Even if on a vineyard as large, the terroirs are different, the wines of the Côte Chalonnaise have an identity and a particular character. To the north, the soils and reliefs are calcareous. They give fine and supple wines. To the south, the grounds are rather marly, covered with sand and clay, they deliver more firm wines. Browse the subcategories to orient your searches and use filters to refine your results.

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Côte chalonnaise • Winozof

Côte chalonnaise

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