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Our selection of Côtes-de-Provence wines

The category "Côtes-de-Provence wines" groups the bottles under the controlled label of origin of "Côtes de Provence". The Côtes-de-Provence AOC covers more than 19,300 ha, on three departments: Le Var, the Bouches du Rhone and an enclave of the Alpes Maritimes. This terroir represents three quarters of the production of the wines of Provence, with a multitude of varieties each having a distinct geological and climatic personality. The summers, which are often hot, are nevertheless refreshed at the sea by the effect of sea breezes. The winter coolness is accentuated by the presence of many winds. The mistral nevertheless promotes the welfare of the vine. The terroir is composed of a complex geology comprising two large ensembles: one to the northwest, made up of limestone hills, and the other to the south-east, formed of crystalline. Thanks to this particularity we find a great diversity of wines. Browse the subcategories to orient your searches and use filters to refine your results.

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